The Work of a Walmart CSM

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When most people think about customer service managers, they think about Walmart. Walmart is the largest retail store in America, and it is known for having quick, reliable CSMs that ensure every customer that walks through the door is satisfied with his or her purchase. Without the aid of these caring individuals, Walmart would not be the success it is today. If you have been thinking about working as a Walmart CSM in the future, you may want to learn about all of the duties and pay rates that job may entail. That way you can determine if it is suitable for your lifestyle. Here is an overview of this profession to help you figure out if you could succeed with it in the end.

Walmart CSM Job Duties

Every Walmart is a little different when it comes to the types of products it sells and the amount of products it sells. Nevertheless, the work of a Walmart CSM is relatively the same no matter what store he or she works in. Here are some common job duties associated with this career:

  • Processing returns for customers
  • Answering phone calls for the store
  • Sorting returns and calling departments to pick their returns up
  • Managing the cashiers on the floor
  • Filing financial documents for the store
  • Watching out for potential theft in the store

There are tons of other duties that come with working at Walmart, but those highlight some of the main duties of a CSM. Your job duties may vary based on the level you are at within your career or the time of day you normally work. You won’t know that until you are actually working as a CSM though.

Walmart CSM Pay Rates

Walmart CSMs don’t get paid a whole lot of money, but they do have the chance to get stock in the company and other benefits that most stores don’t offer their workers. What you make as a Walmart CSM will greatly depend on your time with the company and your overall location. A friend of my mother-in-law worked at Walmart for 13 years before she got paid more than $12 an hour. For some people, that’s just not enough. Here are some statistics outlining the common pay rates that Walmart CSMs make:

Salary by Degree

  • Associate’s Degree: $30,324 – $71,020
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: $33,784 – $70,494
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management: $40,157 – $72,579
  • Master of Business Administration: $32,050 – $75,076

Salary by Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year: $28,564 – $64,564
  • 1-4 years: $29,358 – $60,239
  • 5-9 years: $31,057 – $66,935
  • 10-19 years: $35,873 – $78,324
  • 20 years or more: $39,776 – $87,183

Salary by State

  • California: $36,871 – $83,302
  • Florida: $29,331 – $68,156
  • Illinois: $32,530 – $74,539
  • New York: $36,695 – $75,446
  • Ohio: $35,753 – $70,199
  • Pennsylvania: $31,766 – $83,033
  • Texas: $29,134 – $70,017

How to Become a Walmart CSM

To become a Walmart CSM, you will probably need to start off as a cashier. That will give you a chance to learn about the register and how to work with customers in general. Then you can move into the customer service department and eventually up to a management position. If you have a business administration degree, you may be able to bypass some of those initial steps and jump straight into work. Ask the Walmart near you if they have a need for your services, and then you can start your career from there.

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